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8 Activities You Should Not Miss When You Visit Costa Blanca

Guess you have heard all about the beautiful coastlines of Costa Blanca. Well, there are loads of them. Costa Blanca offers a life-changing experience filled with unforgettable memories in the different breathtaking sites. There are also rare, stunning flora and fauna to explore. So, if you are planning a short stay in this beautiful region, making a choice can be a draining challenge. 

From parks to museums and diving sites, Costa Blanca has all the activities to keep you engaged throughout your stay. It is always a nice idea to prepare your itinerary ahead of time. Therefore, we have put together a list of the best activities to give you a head start. Whether it is a solo or family vacation or a party with friends, you will certainly find the best fit. 

#1. Rio Safari Park, Alicante

Family time is best in parks, and Rio Safari Park is arguably one of the most enticing in Alicante. It is home to hundreds of wildlife from all over the world. Moreover, the palm trees and surrounding vegetation adds color to the entire scene. If you admire wildlife, this location will give you the opportunity to witness so many of them. 

#2. Aqua Natura Waterpark, Benidorm

Covering a 40,000 m2 area, Aqua Natura Waterpark is designed for adults and children alike. From the beach area to the water slides and wave pool, there is something for everyone. The children friendly park has an area where parents can relax while their children have fun. This is definitely not an activity you want to miss. 

#3. Terra Mitica Theme Park, Benidorm

Theme parks are simply irresistible. If you happen to be a fan of rollercoaster rides and other adrenaline-pumping activities, Terra Mitica Theme Park is just the right place for you. The park, which is located in Benidorm, has five areas. Moreover, there are rides and attractions for all ages. It’s one of the best places for families to make memories. 

#4. Bird watching at Peacock Island, Benidorm

This island is close to the town of Benidorm. You will need a boat trip from the mainland to get there. However, the most notable feature here is the large population of wild peacocks. Also, it is almost impossible to discover the entire island in one visit. On every trip, you will keep unearthing new features. Also, there are numerous diving locations here for high-end fun lovers. 

#5. Aqualandia Waterpark, Benidorm

Can you imagine yourself falling from a height of 15ft? Aqualandia Waterpark can offer you that experience and more. It is the location of Europe’s tallest water slide and has up to 15 water attractions. Your vacation in Benidorm will not be complete without a visit to this mind-blowing location. 

#6. Toy Museum, Denia

One of the best gifts you can give your children is taking them to the Toy Museum. Seeing the toy cars, dollhouses, and wooden soldiers, adults can’t help but reminisce about their childhood. Whether you want to refresh your memory or make new ones, this is the right place. 

#7. Sports Center, Torrevieja

If you fancy group or professional sports like rugby, basketball, tennis, etc., the Sports Center in Torrevieja would be your best bet. Also, who knows, you may meet one of your favorite players and get a chance to take selfies with them. 

#8. Horse Riding

Horse riding is a common activity regardless of the city you find yourself in Costa Blanca. Also, there are numerous riding areas. You can ride through the countryside or along the beach. Interestingly, you can also ride at night. The call is yours. 


There is no shortage of sports in Costa Blanca. Also, for a diversity of experience, try to explore as many sites as possible. However, when you don’t have the luxury of time, the locations above will be your best bet. 



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